Sin Yen Technologies (SYT) is specialize in providing solution and equipment for SMD COIL products such as CHIP INDUCTOR, COMMON MODE CHOKE, POWER INDUCTOR COIL and VOICE COIL. We have a wide range of machines like WINDING MACHINE , EPOXY COATING and ENCAPSULATION MACHINE, TEST AND TAPE, etc. We believe in enhancing customer value by providing efficient manufacturing processes solution, reliable and cost-effective equipments, and our equipments have highly flexibility on different model with cost effective changing kits, simple and easy to access.
Our Vision:
 To create excellent automation solutions and a leader in the Automation Industry.
Our Mission:
 To provide faster and inexpensive factory automation solution to worldwide customers.
Management Policy:
 Our Company policy is to work closely with customers, and provide ultimate solutions and services especially in the technical aspects of the automation line.
Our Strength:
 We specialize in design and manufacturing all types of fully automatic coil winding and it's related process, epoxy coating / encapsulation and test & tape handler.
Our Experiences:
We have a very good and energetic team of mechanical and software design technicians, and management staff who have many years of experience in dealing with international & local markets & customers involved in SMD component manufacturing equipment since 1995.
 We have been dealing with customers from USA, Europe (Germany, Spain) and Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong).

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Office Location:
No.3, Solok Beringin 1, Batu Maung, 11960 Bayan Lepas, Penang. Malaysia