Wraparound Machine

If you’re depending on conventional paper insertion machine in your production line, then we have a better solution for your problems. Because the paper insertion machine is impossible to provide sufficient spaces in the slots of the armature which are extremely vital in the process of winding.
In power tools technology, more spaces in the armature for winding means more powerful the motor will perform. This shouldn’t be compromised because producing high performance tools is the key to a successful industry. For that reason, we’re proud to introduce the …


This is a revolutionary concept of making high performance powerful motor as compared to existing slot insertion machines available in the markets. The WRAPAROUND MACHINE wraps armatures with insulation papers according to the contours of the slots allowing more spaces for winding.

Here are the specifications and features of the WRAPAROUND MACHINE;

  • Width – 1250mm,
  • Depth (including paper reel) – 760mm,
  • Height (from floor level) – 1700mm,
  • Power supply – 220/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz,
  • Pneumatic supply -  6 bar,
  • It’s fully automatic, requires only one operator to pile up the magazine and to collect the finished parts from the bin mounted below,
  • It works for various types of paper width with more than 12 different models of armatures. It only takes less than 10 minutes for every change of model by changing plug-and-play type of fixtures. No unnecessary alignments nor any technical skills required,
  • Touch screen control for precision settings particularly on the tightness of paper, data logging and prompting reminders for maintenance,
  • It’s small, compact, suitable for space constrained production line.  The machine is built with doors on all the sides for easy accessibility during services and maintenance,

For better understanding about the performance of the machine, refer to the video clip.